Financial Services Offered by ATB Financial

Founded in 1938, ATB Financial or Alberta Treasury Branches is a crown corporation and financial establishment with hundreds of agencies and branches.


ATB Financial is the largest financial establishment in Alberta that was founded by Premier William Aberhart and his Social Credit Party government. The first branch opened doors in 1938 in Rocky Mountain House. It was only in 1995 when the Board of Directors was transformed into an independent body. Since 1996, the government of Alberta is tasked with the selection process which is when the financial institution became a grown corporation.

Financial Services Offered to Individual Customers

ATB Financial offers a selection of borrowing, investment, and banking services to individual customers. Borrowing solutions include student lines of credit, investment loans, personal loans and personal lines of credit, insured and conventional mortgages. Banking products are also available, including basic and checking accounts, student and savings accounts, overdraft protection, etc. ATB Financial also features investment solutions such as RESPs, high-interest savings accounts, and registered retirement savings plans. Individual customers are also offered a selection of credit cards with variable and fixed rates, rewards, no or low annual fees, travel incentives, and other benefits.

ATB Financial offers a wealth of services that target employees close to retirement, newcomers to Canada, homebuyers, students, customers starting a family. Newcomers to Canada, for example, are offered personal vehicle loans, personal lines of credit, credit cards, global transfers, and tax-free accounts. Customers close to retirement can choose from RRSPs, U.S. dollar credit cards, senior accounts, investment tools, and more.  The goal is to help them manage and grow their retirement income.

In addition, the financial institution offers support and assistance to customers who run into problems, whether E-statements, Interac e-transfers, account management, transfers, bill payment, and so on.

Financial Products for Business Customers

Business customers can choose from an array of borrowing and banking solutions to start a business or expand their business operations. ATB Financial offers banking products and services such as merchant services, electronic funds transfers, online business banking, checking accounts. Customers are offered a host of borrowing solutions, including equipment loans, corporate lending, business term loans, and business growth mortgages. Other borrowing solutions for business customers include professional practice financing, operating lines of credit, growth loans, and credit cards. Businesses can choose from different investment solutions such as non-redeemable GICs, corporate investing, cashable GICs, business compound investment certificates, and U.S. and high interest savings accounts. Investment advice is also offered. The financial institution offers a number of investment solutions with a focus on mutual funds, stocks, and bonds and self-directed investing.

Community Projects and Services

ATB Financial offers sponsorships, grants, and charitable donations and participates in fundraising initiatives. The financial institution offers financial support for causes, charities, and organizations as well as initiatives, festivals, and events. ATB Financial supports causes with a focus on environmental protection, recreation, sport, and culture, inclusion and diversity at the workplace, and economic well being. Priority areas include homelessness, housing, and poverty. ATB Financial also provides information and resources and features financial literacy programs to help Canadians improve their money management skills. There are two financial literacy programs, Empower U and Junior ATB, and the first is offered in cooperation with local elementary schools. Empower U is a program that targets vulnerable women, including women who are homeless, victim of domestic violence, and women with addictions. Participants are taught important skills such as public relations, marketing, job interviewing, public speaking, and a lot more.

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